Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday, February 10

Friday- February 10

Wow. What a surprise. Another awesome day!! It was an absolute blessing to witness the dedication of Stephannie's house. There were probably 75 people there including media. It should be on the news sometime today! She was excited to get into the house and she is staying there tonight. She said she was happy that she would be able to cook again!

We met Tommy today. We have been working on his house all week. He is a very nice young man who is employed by the University of Alabama. He is one of 6 butlers for a 360 person sorority. We will get to spend a little bit of time with him in the morning.

Shawn, Aaron, Matt, Josh, and Doug spent most of their day at Tommy's house working on siding, grinding out cinder block mistakes of others (Shawn) and installing flashing. The exterior of the house looks very close to being done.

Brent spent most of the day at Stephannie's doing odds and ends to prepare for the dedication.

Art, Tony, Jeff, and myself were called upon to go help a crew at a local church. The church, still without power, had the roof torn off last April and they are trying to raise the funds to rebuild. The basement of the church had flood damage and it was our task today to help the crew remove the debris from the 7 rooms in the basement. It reminded us alot of the clean up projects in New Orleans. We didnt talk much to the other guys when we were walking except exchanging pleasantries and grunting alot. When we were done, we went outside and struck up a conversation with two of them. Funny, but as we were talking, those two realized things about each other that they didnt know and they have been friends for years. One of them was born in San Berdo. The other had a construction business here in town. He lost his house in the storm. He had a great attitude and all of us assured each other that if we didnt see them again here in Tuscaloosa on another trip, we would see them with our heavenly Father someday.

We will work a partial day tomorrow. Come back to the church, pack up, and look forward to our flight home that arrives in Sacramento at 7:30 PM.

By the way, Pastor Jeff wins the prize for the first commenter on the blog!!! And, thank you Michelle!

It was a blessed week and we look forward to coming back. We will be praying about it beginning Sunday!

Im out!

Dave and the Guys

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  1. Actually, Theresa Cane was the first to comment. Way to go Theresa! :)