Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday- February 9

Wow. What an amazing day! He continues to provide miracles every day. Stephanie's house will be dedicated tomorrow at 3:30. They are expecting a very large turnout of media, well wishers, and the general public. This is the first completed Samaritans Purse rebuild house done. We saw the foundation of this house being poured when we were here in October. Art and Brent completed the punch list and the final inspection occurred today. We were very concerned that her dedication would happen without grass in her front yard. Tony, Jeff, and myself prepared the front yard yesterday and readied it for the sod. Today early, no sod. Mid morning, no sod. Noon, we received a call that there were 6-35 yards of rolled sod available after lunch and we would have to go pick up three of them. We did. These rolls look like big rolls of hay that you see out in a field somewhere. The company came and rolled out these rolls. We installed it. Art and Josh watered it and it is ready to go.

We met Percy today. He is an older gentlemen who lives across the street from Stephanie. He lost his home, his workshop, and most of his tools in the storm. We didnt get into his story too much. He asked our project leader Dan if we might be able to help him a bit with the Bobcat by clearing out his lot some and cleaning it. Dan consulted with Brent and Brent was on the Bobcat on the property in a moment. Brent then handed off the Bobcat to Jeff Stewart and Jeff got it going. We will hopefully be able to help Percy out tomorrow. At the end of the day Tony and I asked him if we could pray with him and he said yes. Its heartbraking to know that some of these folks have nothing left. But, we know our God is a Great God and He has a purpose for all things.

Aaron, Shawn, Matt, and Doug were ever-steady on the"other" house installing siding, soffets, finishing the roof today.


  1. We haven't forgotten you guys. Praying for you. Keep representing. :-)

  2. Praying for you all! Great to see the pics and the updates. Thank you!

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  4. Dave,
    You guys are doing a great job. I know you guys are gettin' blessed and are blessing others as well! I look forward to hearing about it. Safe journey home.

  5. "Its heartbreaking to know that some of these folks have nothing left. But, we know our God is a Great God and He has a purpose for all things," That pretty much says it all. You are all living out proof of that! Praying for the rest of your trip & a safe return.