Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday, 2/8/2012

From Dave E.


All things are going well. We are having a great time of fellowship with the team.  The weather and food are fantastic!!!!  We are working on two different houses. Shawn, Aaron, Doug, Matt, and Josh all worked on a house in the middle stages of rebuild today finishing the roof and installing siding.  Jeff, Tony, and myself worked in the yard of another house that will be dedicated to the owner on Friday. Its kind of exciting that we will be able to witness the dedication to "Stephanie" and her kids. We have heard that it will be quite the event with national media coverage as it is the first completed house rebuilt by Samaritan's Purse in Tuscaloosa.  We were able to spend some time with her today and she is very excited about being able to move into her new house.  She was in her house when the tornado came through and demolished her house. She wasn't hurt as she and her son huddled in a hallway and watched as the roof of their house was torn off.  Art and Brent are busy doing all of the "punch list" stuff of many details on the dedication house.

We met Minister Tilley today. His church is directly across the street from the house we are working on.  We received a lunchtime sermon from this  southern preacher of 70 something years.  It was a treat. His teaching today was the Hand of God!!  It was powerful and passionate.

We dont know where tomorrow will lead us but we go with servants hearts!

We were able to go to my Aunt Katheryn's house tonight and have dinner and it was a real treat.  Everybody walked away with a painful fullness of belly!

Hopefully I can get some photos up tomorrow night.

Our best to you from Tuscaloosa!!

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