Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 4 found all of us working diligently on our assigned tasks.

Greg Grant, Art, and Carlos slaving away at the remodel house.  There are a lot of loose ends to tie up but thankfully another team will be here next week.

Rick, Blane, Shane, and Greg Todd continue to install flooring at Odessa’s house.  The boys got a really good shot at speaking with “Earl” today.  Earl is the son of the mom with 5 boys living at home in the remodel house.  The boys seem to think an indelible imprint was left with Earl today.

Shawn, Brent, Mark, and I got a lot done today with our hands.  We are hopeful with the help of some other volunteers tomorrow that we can get the house “sided”.

The highlight of our day was dinner, again.

Art Mann and Rick met Norm and Margot on our flight out here from Phoenix.  They told us at the time they were going to invite us over for dinner. They did and we went.

Their home is beautiful and we were served a variety of wings, sausage, potatoes, etc.  Just another dinner that put a “hurtin” on us. 

Norm and Margot are great people who continued to shower us with praise for doing what we do.  We constantly reminded them that we were blessed by being able to do what we do.

They told us a story about Margot’s dad who had Alzheimers and passed away by drowning in the family pond.  Margot was visibly upset when Norm told us the story about a speckled dove that sat on their car during the funeral, flew off the car onto Margot’s shoulder as they were headed to the gravesite, and sat down on her dad’s headstone.  They were both given her dad’s hymn book and a page was marked in the book that related to a speckled bird.  They both knew that something was at work.  Norm admittedly told us he wasn’t “religious” but this event moved him and Margot.  We prayed with them before we left.  What a wonderful evening.

We have had a great week and we are looking forward to getting home but all of us will be leaving a small part of us here in Tuscaloosa.  We are already talking about coming back here in the spring.  I’m personally excited about tomorrow and what may be revealed to us.    

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