Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2102

Well, it has been a couple days since our arrival and we have been very busy, having a great time.  We arrived Saturday evening, set up our camp, went out to dinner, and crashed.  None of us slept very well anticipating "Talladega" the next day.

We were up at 6 AM, at McDonalds for a wholesome breakfast at 6:30 and off to Talladega 100 miles away.  We arrived at Talladega, drove right in without issue to the credential office.  We received our "Hot Pass" from the credential office, met with Andy from K Love radio and he was our host for the day.  Ok, lets see, Andy took us to the garage area first where we met Phil Parsons, the owner of the K Love sponsored vehicle, we met the driver Michael McDowell, and then we went to the Nascar prayer service at 11:10 that was attended by many of the drivers and their families. Darn, Nascar and church also in the same day, what could be better.  We then went to lunch, on the house, and hung out at the Parson's trailer some more.

At about Noon, we went over to the actual track. Yes, we stood on the racetrack, watched the drivers introductions, took some pictures, and hob knobbed with the celebs, Joe Gibbs included.

We then proceeded to the pit area and watched the ENTIRE RACE FROM THE PITS. It was an awesome once in a lifetime experience that will never be forgotten.

Today, we went and had breakfast with some locals at "Rama Jama" restaurant for a couple of hours. The restaurant is right next to Bryant-Denny stadium. I called my cousin and he arranged a tour of the stadium for us.  After we saw the home team and  visitors team locker rooms, sky boxes, pouring room, the recruiting room "the zone" , we were allowed to step foot on the hallowed sacred ground known as the Crimson Tide field.  It was awesome. We kissed the turf at the 50 yard line.

Quotes so far this trip:

Carlos- I became now an Alabama Crimson Tide fan.

Brent- Where's Ellwood?

Shawn- Livin the Dream

Blane- Roll Tide! Where's your shirt Ellwood?

Dave- All of this is possible because of the awesome presence and leadership of Shane Tiller, our mentor and humble servant.  :)))  Are you kidding me? Trying to keep 11 grown men together for a tour is a feat in itself. Where's Grant and Ellwood?

We just truly believe that we are now God's favorites.

We begin serving Him tomorrow. 

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  1. Mike says that it's so cool you got to go to chapel.
    I think it's awesome the Carlos came to Christ.