Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday, October 9

Trouble is often the tool by which God fashions us for greater things- Greg Todd via "i dont remember who said it"

Day 1 of service-

Our great team was split up into three different teams working on three different houses in various stages of rebuild and remodel.  Brent, Greg, Mark, Shawn, and Blane were on the Webster house in Forest Lake.  It is basically a framed house right now with Shawn doing the roof and the others shoring up interior framing.  Rick, Shane and myself were at Miss Odessa's house.  Rick and I stayed busy painting for most of the day while Shane was busy on the bobcat moving dirt around for most of the day.  I think he was just having fun with a toy...  Art, Greg Grant, and Carlos were busy at the remodel house all day laying tile accompanied by a 4 member team from Pennsylvania and Dennis.  Shawn and I served with Dennis in Nashville last year and it is good to see him. 

While Art and Carlos were in the bathtub area on their knees laying tile, Carlos, with Art, accepted our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ into his heart as his Savior. Hallelujah!!!  We announced this at dinner also and it was truly a very joyous occasion.  I dont know what can top that but HE always has His ways of showing off.  He is truly amazing every day. 

Shane wandered across the street midday and spoke with Miss Lynette who was on her porch enjoying the sun with her dog.  Miss Lynette is a Christian woman who has some health issues but her faith was ever present.  Shane asked her if we could pray with her so Shane, Miss Lynette, and myself stood on her porch and prayed for her health and for the salvation of her family members who have strayed.  It was a great experience. I hope we get to spend a little time with her tomorrow. 

All is well and HE continues to bless us every single day.  Will post more pics tomorrow night. 

In His Grip!!!!!!

To be is to do- Socrates

To do is to be- Plato

Doo Bee Doo Bee Doo- Sinatra

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  1. Praise God. He is good! Welcome to the family Carlos!!! :)